We will consider a donation, a lease option or a possible purchase for the right property. 
​ Please contact us for more information. You may call us at 888-272-3207 or email us at  highplaceministries@msn.com.                                                                                 






Our Vision Requires Your Support!  Which one touches your heart?


“And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him,  He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease." Mt. 10:1 

​​​High Place Ministries is a ministry dedicated to healing and deliverance for the Body, Soul and Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit

Our desire is to come along side the Body of Christ and all who are in need, to see them set free from the 'altars' of sickness, disease, trauma and emotional wounding imprinted on their lives by the enemy. 

We are called to tear down the 'altars' of the enemy (established in our hearts by emotional wounds, sin, generational sins, etc) and to enthrone the LORD Jesus Christ on the High Place of our lives.
 We believe all illness, including mental, physical and emotional, must bow to the Name of Jesus.   
High Place Ministries is called to establish healing rooms and to train and equip ministers to lay hands on the sick and to set the captives free.  We walk in a Prophetic Healing Anointing and minister with trained teams by appointment.  We are called by the Lord to set the captives free and to heal the brokenhearted.  


P.O. Box 62421 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80962-2421
TOLL FREE 1-888-272-3207          highplaceministries@msn.com

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​For years, MaryAnn has had a vision for a Healing Ranch. The vision for Answered Prayer Ranch is ever expanding.  We believe that the plan of the Lord is for this ranch to be made available to all who are in need of healing, both physical and emotional.  It will be not only a Healing Ranch but also a place of refuge and safety for those who come.   With that in mind, we are asking for someone to consider donating the use of their ranch, or a donation of funds to purchase one within about a two hour proximity from Colorado Springs.  We envision cabins and/or a lodge type building where people can stay during the Healing Weekends and possibly a place where Rv's can park.   We are open to the Leading of the Lord in this matter and excitedly await HIS PROVISION.  We also believe this ranch could be used for the annual Women of the Kingdom Leadership Summit. If you know of a property or a property owner who might be willing to help us, please let us know. This is a Kingdom need for such a time as this! Answered Prayer Ranch will be a place where the food is healthy, the air is pure, and the outdoor areas offer peace, beauty and tranquility.  Anointed Prayer Teams will be available to pray for the sick and minister with the Holy Spirit to those in need.  Events will include Healing weekends, special teaching and impartation events,  men's weekends,  seminars, women's gatherings and youth weekends.   Ministry will be available both on an individual basis and corporately from trained ministry teams.  Bring your small group to receive healing and to receive training to minister to others.                                                                              


HPM is pleased to have just recently moved into our NEW HOME  This land is very special!  MaryAnn knew over two and a half years ago that this was the home for High Place Ministries. After ongoing prayer and Standing in faith, we joyfully moved in November 2014. And we are grateful! 

However, we must take OWNERSHIP OF THIS PROPERTY, in order to move forward with the rest of God's plan.  The Lord has revealed many Kingdom Visions, but HPM must purchase this property first.   

We are ministering here all week long, and our IMMEDIATE NEED is to make it ours!   This is the perfect building for us, located on land that is strategically located within the city and is bordered by a creek and a busy bike trail. As we train young Prayer Warrior Interns, this trail affords the opportunity to go out and share the Love of Christ.

Along with many other God-Inspired Ideas, this is the perfect place to build a KINGDOM VILLAGE.  Our vision is to build a place to house single moms and elderly in need. 

High Place Ministries has been called to accomplish BIG PLANS FOR HIS PURPOSES. To do so, we must follow HIS LEAD into the future.

 Again, we believe this is the place that the Lord intends for High Place, so we might fulfill His Purpose for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

The asking price for the land is $475K.  We would love to have it all donated...but our initial goal is to acquire $100K as a down payment.    Will you consider ALIGNING with High Place Ministries as a VISION PARTNER? Will you help us establish a Kingdom work in this Kingdom location?