​    "Who satisfieth they mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's".  PS 103:5 by appointment prayer for healing Trained Ministers

High Place Ministries Healing/Soaking Prayer 
 is available, by appointment only,
 Tuesdays - Thursdays, in Colorado Springs. Please call toll free: 888-272-3207 for an appointment

HIGH PLACE MINISTRIES by appointment Trained Ministers

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The healing rooms of High Place Ministries are KINGDOM HEALING rooms for this Kingdom age.  Here the power and anointing of the Lord flows through trained ministers, to people in need of healing from infirmities, disease and mental illness. We believe much of the illness that people suffer from today, is rooted in the soul area.  The physical body has become 'dis-eased', but  the root of  the disease was caused by emotional trauma, hurts and wounding in the soul realm. ​

​Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions.  If those soul traumas are healed and delivered, the physical body will respond. We have seen numerous people recover from illness once their emotional wounds are touched by the Lord and healed. Even though not all physical disease is rooted in soul wounds, we find a high percentage of people who do respond to this type of ministry.  Often they do not even know of a "root" cause until they receive prayer.  Sometimes they never need to know...the Lord just goes to the root and heals them!  

​The ministers in the High Place Ministries Healing Rooms believe the complete Word of God and that healing is for today.  We believe the Lord can chose to heal anyway He desires.... some healing happens instantly, some progressively.  One thing we know for sure ... Healing is for today.  It is for all who would come to the Lord and receive.

We minister in teams and we pray for those who come to the Healing Rooms by appointment. We are also willing to pray for you if you send in your prayer request via our email form listed on the page "Prayer Requests".

The Healing Team has prayed for tens of hundreds of people over the past thirteen years.  Some receive prayer only once and some received prayer numerous times; each person coming for prayer until they felt they had stepped in to complete healing and total freedom.