“And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him,  He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease." Mt. 10:1

​There are times and seasons in all of our lives when we need to be covered  by or surrounded in prayer. Whether you are experiencing physical illness, depression, anxiety, family issues, or financial issues, come and receive a touch from the Lord.

 If you feel weary and lack the strength to go on, the Lord has your answer.  The Lord has paid for your healing.  

                                                                                       Come and Receive from Him. 

High Place Ministries is a ministry dedicated to coming along side the body of Christ and all people in need, assisting them,

through prayer, to access answers from the Lord, that have already been provided.   We believe that most physical problems have

a root in a soul wound, or a generational iniquity.  We believe the Lord has already provided Healing and Deliverance for ALL  who believe Him and desire to seek Him. We are committed to Healing and  Deliverance for Body, Soul and Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit. We teach, train, and minister according to the WORD of the Lord, and by His Grace.


P.O. Box 62421 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80962-2421

TOLL FREE 1-888-272-3207          highplaceministries@msn.com

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WOMEN OF THE KINGDOM~                                               A GATHERING​  

Our WOK is a very unique program for women who are hungry for more of HIM. Women of the Kingdom is not a conference or retreat.  It is a gathering of  God's precious women, who want to go higher and deeper in the things of the spirit. 


The Healing/Soaking Prayer Rooms of High Place Ministries are KINGDOM HEALING ROOMS for  the Kingdom age. Here, the power and anointing of the Lord flows through trained ministers, to people in need of  healing from infirmities, disease and mental illness.


Held once a month, this is a community Worship Gathering.  Come and worship your King.  Come with expectations of ENTERING INTO HIS PRESENCE!

​We invite you to bring your family or friends, ANYONE THAT WANTS TO EXPERIENCE HIS PRESENCE! Healing/Soaking prayer Room Women of the Kingdom programs/Community Kingdom Worship Praise, Worship, Intercessory Prayer